Gary High School Coaldigger Alumni
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Welcome Coaldiggers .                  To the all new Gary High School website.   With this site we hope to preserve the history of the school  and the community to keep the spirit of the school alive and to keep the communication lines open.                                                         This site is updated almost daily as material is received from alumni . In contrast to other alumni sites I have seen. The theme of this site is down home style up close and personal. With input from all Digger Alumni.                                            This website is a basic site , nothing fancy just plain and simple, not hard to use or view. Hope you all enjoy it!

I think if we all work together and put forth a team effort we can make this a great site. You can all help especially with the pictures so go look in the old shoe box in the back of the closet for the old photos and if you can please scan them to me, I will use the best ones for the appropriate page. Come on Diggers lets get r done.                          


Listing Site Updates
AUGUST 2005 The New Gary High School Website is started.        


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Visitors please visit the Guestbook page and sign in let us know who you are and say hello to all.. 

Please do not be afraid to sign in - I promise you will not be exploited at all.

Gary High School 1913 - 1978

This site is dedicated to Gary High School    Gary , West Virginia and the memories of the Gary High School Coaldiggers. All of the multitudes that passed through the doors and took with them an education and a lot of memories some good some not so good.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands , One Nation Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Roll out the Barrel the gangs still here!